illustrator : arrowheads

Adding arrowheads in the row (line).
Select the object or group (or target layer in the Layers panel).
We can add arrowheads to a Live Paint group as a whole, but not to track individuals in a Live Paint group.
We can start from the menu select Effect> Stylize> Add Arrowheads or Filter> Stylize> Add Arrowhead

We can choose from various designs Arrowhead beginning and end of a line by clicking the forward and back buttons below the box add Arrowhead.
Model arrowheads beginning and end of the line we can see by clicking the arrow on the Add box Arrowhead.
To rescale the size of an Arrowhead, enter the percentage you want in the Scale text box.
Arrowhead is a scale relative to the weight of the line stroke.
Click OK.
Arrowhead can be edited and transferred like any other object.
Arrowhead similar to brush strokes, that Arrowhead can be changed location, direction, and along with the color line,
but they can not be edited separately.

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