illustrator : Live Paint

In adobe illustrator, there are facilities to make the design more interesting is Live Paint. Live Paint is an intuitive way to create color images.A common way for graphic artists to create color images on canvas or paper is to draw a few strokes, using a tool like a pen or pencil, then colored in the area of stroke, without worrying about how many different strokes used to surround each area.
Live Paint translate the images into Illustrator.Ini allows us to use the various facilities Illustrator drawing. Any area can be colored, regardless of whether the area is bounded by one segment, or with a double track segments. The result is that the painting objects such as filling in a coloring book or use a watercolor sketch for the painting.
Once we create a Live Paint group, each path remains fully editable.In short, Live Paint combines an intuitive painting program with strength and flexibility of a vector illustration program.

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