Illustrator: Using the Appearance Palette

In designing with Adobe Illustrator, no display the Appearance Palette we can see from the menu Window> Appearance or by using the shortcut key Shift + F6. This palette, shows hierarchical arrangement of the display attribute of an object includes style and effect. If we choose an object in the image area,
hence the appearance palette will display all attributes associated with the object image.
Stroke and Fill is placed at the top, since both is the most fundamental elements of the forming of an object image.
Further information on the effect lies in the next sequence if objects had been bearing the attribute. Layer, Group, text, mesh, files that in the link, the bitmap image, blends, envelope, flares, a symbol, a symbol set
and graphs, respectively ranked the next.

In the appearance palette, there are several elements, each has a specific meaning, in which through these elements we can use commands to edit. Those elements are:
Stroke line, click on the line stroke to activate
Stroke color on the toolbox (the same as if we use the shortcut "x"). Click 2X on line strokes will activate the color palette.
Both these steps allows us to do editing of everything on the line (stroke).
Fill Line, click on the Fill line will activate the color
Fill in the tool bar (the same as if we use the shortcut keys "X"). 2X Click on the Fill line will activate the color palette. Second this step allows us to do editing of all something about the color field (fill).
Opacity line if the selected objects have
opacity settings, and then we click 2X on the line opacity, will activate the Transparency palette

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