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Color Space and Its Divisions: Color Order from Antiquity to the PresentWarna basically a 3-dimensional shape, so-called "color space". To represent this 3-dimensional color formation takes 3-axis, can be RGB, CMY, Lab, HLS, etc.. The ability of the eyes to see have the greatest color gamut, then a smaller RGB and CMY smaller again, so when converting to RGB and CMY color will look a bit dull (read: display on the monitor).
But there is in CMY warna2 that can not be accurately represented by RGB color such as yellow 100%, 100% cyan and magenta 100%. Instead there are quite a lot warna2 RGB WILL NOT been shown to accurately eg purple, green lit, etc..


CMY or CMYK color model is penintaan (substractive color mode), warna2 primary (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) depends on the pigment in the ink and the printed substrate. For the record, the printer and print only the "output devices".
RGB color model is a light (additive color mode) is used for "input devices" such as scanners and "output devices" such as display monitors, warna2 primary (Red, Blue, Green) depending on the technology tools used such as CCD or PMT in the scanner or digital cameras, CRT or LCD display monitor.
Both CMYK or RGB color model is not "independent", meaning that depending on the process of CMYK printing, pigment, whereas substrate & RGB depending on the capacity of the equipment used technology; means if we have the color data R 180, then on 2 different monitors that we get different perceptions, because it is very difficult to stimulate two different monitors - especially when technology is used differently.
Because the use of RGB is usually controlled by the appliance manufacturer, it is relatively easy for a team of researchers and plant development tool to enhance the ability of the tool to achieve high quality with low tolerance.
As with the CMYK color model, especially for conventional printing, ink manufactured and printed by the printing ink used barbagai kinds of paper. Color reproduction process performed by a variety of parameters, and the results are taken anywhere for evaluation, often under conditions of different lighting - metameri problem - giving rise to much disagreement.


Theoretically, combining red, green and blue in the same amount will produce abu2 neutral, so that 50% red, green and blue 50% 50% can be replaced only by a 50% black ink. Photoshop know the UCR (Under Color Removal) and GCR (Gray Component Replacement), which means that the UCR only shadow colors are replaced by black ink, while the GCR from the color gray was replaced by black ink. Photoshop default is Medium GCR.
UCR or GCR is used by Photoshop as a parameter when we want to convert RGB to CMYK. Learn more about the use of UCR and CGR depending on print process, so we get the parameters that best fits the mold.
I have a trick to convert an image with 2 kinds of the conversion process: (1) I usually choose black text and convert to CMYK with Black Maximum, and (2) Black is the result of our "merge" into the other image conversion, so the text will appear 100 % K overprint, not perforated. Just keep in mind the GCR calculations do not apply 50% C + 50% M + 50% Y = gray, here Photoshop using the standard parameters of international ink (ISO etc..). Therefore, if the ink that we use are not standard, then the RGB to CMYK conversion into a crowded issue. In other words, no single solution that can solve these problems, considering many factors not measured or standards.

Tips Konnversi

So simply do not expect perfect RGB color will be converted to CMYK. But keep in mind that color is displayed in context, so that in most real problem is not the RGB color can not be converted properly, but the colors look dull because impuritas color.
Logically so, CMYK color consisting of more than 2 channels will appear dull. Examples of magenta 100% yellow 100% will appear as a dark red color, but using 100% magenta 100% yellow and cyan 10% would give the impression of dull.
So to avoid the colors appear less good or dull, the way he is after converting to CMYK, add saturation kira2 10-20 with function Image> Adjust> Hue / Saturation (Ctrl / Cmd + U)

There's nothing wrong with the conversion of RGB to CMYK in Photoshop. The problem is our lack of knowledge about color.


1. Keep the original color data and do not convert the color if not needed, either Lab -> RBG -> CMYK or vice versa.
2. Color conversion is used only at the last moment, when we create a separation film or CTP.
3. Use the CMYK data model as input to create a Digital Proofing, so please do not make the Digital Proofing sorry if we do not know what to do with the pictures. Profile Target should be clear at all, and RGB to CMYK conversion process must be "identical" to digital proofing and film-making separation or CTP, then do like the GMG proofing software, EFI, etc. Oris. to convert into CMYKproof CMYKtarget.

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