create a text logo

Now we will create some real text, we could make with the graphics style.
Before starting, we will create a new layer first so that we can easily lock the artwork that we make
The next step:
1 Select Window> Layers or press the Layers button in the Dock to open the Layer Panel.
2 Click in the blank area to the right of the icon visibility, the padlock icon appears and the artwork on Layer 1 is locked.
3 Hold the Alt (Windows) and click on the Create New Layer in the layer panel.
4 In the Options dialog box pops up a new layer, type the name of the logo in the Name text field.
Press OK.

5 Select the Type tool (T) from the Tools panel, and the attribute type and options Appear in Control Panel.
Character 6 Click a link on the Control Panel select the Font drop-down menu and select Bold from the Font Style drop-down menu.
7 Click the Fill color in the Control Panel and select a color

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