Preview versus Outlines

By default, Adobe Illustrator displays the artwork of the colors, gradients, meshes, and the complex paths. The more complex artwork that we make, the more time it takes Adobe Illustrator to redraw the screen when we make changes to the artwork.

We can also feel that the attributes of objects that we create, such as strokes and colors, can make us difficult to make precise adjustments to detail the complex artwork.

To facilitate us in making changes to the artwork, Adobe Illustrator provides several display modes, the most commonly used mode to Preview (the default) and Outline modes.
1. To switch to the view modes,
select View -> Outline, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Y (Windows) or Command + Y (Mac OS).
In Outline mode, Illustrator displays the artwork only Outlines (or paths) are visible.
Viewing artwork dalamOutline mode only displays paths used to create artwork.
2 Select View ---> Preview. In Preview mode, paint all the attributes of the artwork displayed.

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