Creating a background

Here we will try to make the background, a simple solid color and then make it interesting by using Live Trace, Symbols, and Colors Live features.
1. Select File> New. New Document dialog box will appear type in the name of the file.
2. Select New Document from the Print menu. By selecting Print
default preset colors, patterns, and gradients are built from CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color.
3. Make sure that the letter is selected from the Size drop-down menu, and select mm from the drop-down Unit.Custom changes. Press OK, the new document is created. Document Window contains a blank artboard, ready for the picture. 
4. Select the Rectangle tool from the Tools panel. we will use this tool to create forms initial background. Click once on the artboard to prompt Rectangle dialog box.
5. In the rectangle, then click on the word width, the number 210 is automatically entered into the text field is also high. Press OK. Enter 5 in the Width text field, then click on the word Appeal to include the value of 297.
6. Select the square with the Selection tool, then click the Fill color samples in The control panel to reveal the contents swatch panel. Select the color cyan. This example uses cyan color value C = 100 M = 0 Y = 0 K = 0. To fi nd this exact shade, where our cursor to a diff erent cyan swatch without clicking and tool tip containing value of each of the CMYK color appears. Choose the color orange fill from the control panel.
7. With the square still selected, click the Stroke color samples in the control panel and choose None.
Choosing to have no color at a stroke. Taking advantage of graphic styles

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