align and distribute objects

On this occasion we will learn to use Adobe Illustrator to align and distribute objects
The first step is open Illustrator and open the file you want to edit the object.
To be able to tidy up the object with the appropriate, necessary to move the object so that just blends with the objects that we want.
To achieve this, we can do process quickly using the existing facilities in illustrator.
Open the Align palette by clicking Window> Show Align:
In Illustrator we can use the Align panel (Window> Align) and align option in the control panel to adjust or distribute selected objects along the axis that we specify.
We can use one of the edges of objects or anchor points as a reference point.
Align options are visible on the control panel when an object is selected. If it does not appear, choose Align from the Control panel menu.
Now we select the object click on the object while pressing the SHIFT key and clicking on another object.
Then we can customize it with help from Align Palette by first clicking on the Horizontal Align Center button

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