Transparency is our choice to make the screen transparent background.
In the design of many who want to use a transparent box to see the opacity of objects.
On a white background, opacity is not easily seen.
Flattener setting allows us to choose a resolution for the object when we change to a rasterized
(pixels) were flattened objects - that is, converted into a single layer with all the objects overlap.

Transparency option can also be seen in the Document Settings dialog box.
Grid Size is possible we can change the grid size becomes small, medium, or large.
Color Grid, here we can adjust the color of the grid.
Simulate Colored Paper, by selecting this check box makes Artboard color match a color darker than the two boxes that we choose.
Preset. By selecting a preset (high, medium resolution, or low) from the Preset list box, or choose a custom setting.

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