Ellipse tools

We can also modify the shape and dimensions of the image through the shape tool's dialog box.
We will use the Ellipse tools.
Before we begin, we must know where to set the unit will use measurement. millimeters,
usually still have to default values in the points.
Choose Edit> Preferences> Units & Display Performance (Windows) Preferences dialog box will appear.
Choose a millimeter from the drop-down menu.

Use the Ellipse tool, click once on the artboard. Ellipse dialog box appears.
Type the number into the width of the text, then click on the altitude. If you have been in accordance with
that we enter into the text width.
Press OK.

We can use the same method to other forms.

Another form of hidden tools panel, can be viewed by pressing, click and hold the Ellipse tools
Select the Star tool and click once on an empty area of ​​artboard. Star dialog box appears.
Set Radius Star, then type the number in the Points text field.
Press OK.
Enter the value of a star.
press OK.

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